2 TOP Acoustic Guitarists and Their AMAZING Acoustic Guitars – A Review

Now this is not a Major review nor is it acoustic and electric guitar comparison, this is a one of a kind comparison of 2 top Acoustic Guitarists and Their AMAZING Acoustic Guitars.
The two Guitarists are Tommy Emmanuel and Ed Sheeran. These two guitarists have made a huge name for themselves, primarily because they are passionate in their individual fields. I was completely surprised to see how similar and inexpensive the guitars were and decided to look into what they were and why they were the respective artists go to guitars.
Now if you have not yet heard of Tommy Emmanuel or Ed Sheeran I want to offer you a bath to wash off the mold you got while sleeping under that rock!  No, sorry, I am kidding of course. Not everyone sees the same content online as there is an absolute Landslide of information and it can be hard to find information, not only for right handed players but almost doubly as hard for left handed guitarists too. Let me try and Introduce them here a little…..

Tommy Emmanuel and His Guitar.

Tommy Emmanuel is a self taught musician who has a very unique, one man band style. You can find hundreds of Videos on his YouTube Channel showcasing his talent but today I want to discuss his Amazing Guitar. The one he uses is called The Maton EMTE Tommy Emmanuel Mini 2017, as it was built just for him by Maton.
Comment below if you have Heard Classical Gas?  Click pic to hear it now–>
The Company Maton says “EMTE is a fusion of two of Maton’s most successful guitars, the EBG808TE and the Mini Maton EM-6. It is a bright, crisp, lively little guitar that will respond to every nuance of your fingerpicking style.” This Little Guitar has a big sound for such a little fella’. Maton is a company that crafts beautiful handmade guitars and you can visit their entire line up at https://maton.com.au/. Enjoy the video as it worth the watch!
Fender Body Styles as Produced by Fender Guitars showing “Baby” model size:
The particular body style of this guitar resembles a Baby Meeting a GS Mini, as in the picture above, which is the Fender Guitar body chart, and has the big sound of the Big Baby and even some of its other Bigger brothers. Like the Grand Concert Style. Maton also says “The addition of the AP5-Pro pickup system makes the EMTE a formidable stage guitar as well, with the added benefit of staying well clear of those low mid and bass feedback frequencies.” Amusingly Tommy states,
“When I’m on the road, big ideas can come from the smallest things.” 
Now this Maton EMTE Tommy Emmanuel Mini 2017 was a special series guitar and is hard to find but there are a few around that are worth looking into as the Price point is pretty low for such an amazing guitar.

Ed Sheeran and His Guitar.

Now Ed sheerans guitar looks so close to Tommy’s in body style and over all appearance and they even sound a little alike. The guitar that Ed is using is a 2017 Martin Ed Sheeran Divide Signature Acoustic-Electric Guitar. This guitar is very much like a Delta Blues guitar in its sound and appearance but has a nice throaty quality due to the solid Sitka spruce top. This Guitar came about due to a collaboration with Martin Guitar and Ed Sheeran and is one of a series of three guitars.

As quoted on Reverb.com,

“Martin and Sheeran have collaborated once again with the aptly named Ed Sheeran Divide (or ÷)  Signature Edition. This third collaboration is built upon Ed’s love of the LX1E Little Martin, and continuing with his mathematical themed album cover art. It completes the Ed Sheeran 3 trilogy of Martin Signature guitars that have supported Sheeran along his soaring career path to super stardom.”

And for my Left handed readers I have a special surprise!  They made a LEFT HANDED edition!!……Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin! I found this on Reverb.com and this is what they said about it,
“The Ed Sheeran Divide Signature Edition Left Handed features a solid Sitka spruce top etched with Ed’s album art and a blue soundhole rosette to match. This is a much more affordable guitar and has several locations to find it as well. The body is constructed with mahogany HPL back and sides to produce a nice, big sound, and sports blue ÷ symbols across the fingerboard and headstock. Fishman Sonitone electronics let you take the stage with confidence much like the man it’s named after. Each model is equipped with a Custom interior label and comes with a gig bag.”
Ed is an amazing Artist that has played countless shows and also helped develop this line of guitars that feature the “Divide” and “X” as well as others. This pic here shows the “X” model he is playing and also links to his Videos on Youtube so you can check him out! I personally love his song “I see fire” and have taken the time to learn it!
Leave me a comment below if you too can play I see Fire, Click pic to play it now?

The Ed Sheeran Divide and the Emmanuel Mini Compared.

Now I cannot even compete whe it comes to the wonderful reviews that have been done on Eds Guitar so I will let you check those out when you get a chance. Review One Here, and Review Two Here. Both of these show case the (/) Divide guitar he made in collaboration with Martin.
Tommy Emmanuel has a few good reviews out there as well so why re-create the wheel?  Check them out here. Review One and Review Two – A Concert Review.

Artists Compared?

It is really difficult to compare these two players side by side as their prospective Genre’s are a bit different so they are not in the same venues and therefore donot not get recorded together at all. I suggest checking out all the videos they each have on you tube as they play many different styles and guitars and are both very well rounded. Each player also use the guitars with the Dreadnaught body style which has a cut away to allow you to get up to the higher Frets. Now Tommy is a one man band and likes to just use his own body to play while Ed sSheeran has no problem using Looping and technology to get his art across. Both Are Amazing and should be added to your Ipod library…wait…did I just date myself?! Well, That about wraps this up please leave me a comment below as to what you think of the sound and price points for these two mini acoustics and I hope you have fun practicing!
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  1. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your article on TOP Acoustic Guitarists and Their AMAZING Acoustic Guitars . While reading I know that It is really difficult to compare these two players side by side as their prospective Genre’s are a bit different so they are not in the same venues and therefore do not get recorded together at all. Thanks for your awesome review.

  2. I am very excited to see your reviews on both singers. The guitar that Ed is using is a 2017 Martin Ed Sheeran Divide Signature Acoustic-Electric Guitar. Ed is an amazing Artist that has played countless shows and also helped develop this line of guitars . I check their video and it is really very hard to compare each other. Both performance is awesome for me and hope everyone will enjoy.

    • Harish, 

      Thanks so much for the great feedback. I really like these guitars as they are small and easy to carry around plus they sound amazing, well they sound amazing when Ed and Tommy play them anyway!

  3. I have to say that Emmanuel has been around for awhile. However, I also love Ed Sheeran work. Read up on his life and his break through made me happy. Anyways, wow this is a tough choice! I am actually looking for an acoustic guitar for my husband birthday. I think this year I am going to give Ed a chance. Why not right? 

    • Nuttanee, I think the Ed Sheeran model is a good choice. The price is reasonable as well and I think your husband would like the sound! 

      Thanks for your feedback and for commenting on this guitar, it is one of my favorites~!

  4. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us and I love playing the guitar. I really enjoyed reading the article you have given the TOP Acoustic Guitarists and their AMAZING Acoustic Guitars.I know that these two are very difficult to put together and compare because they are so different and therefore cannot be recorded together .I’ve heard a lot about the two guitars in your article and they are all set up in their own place. I found hundreds of videos of them on YouTube channels and heard them fascinate me. 

    Lastly, I think if I share this article on my social media, my friends will be very benefited and will understand the difference very well and will definitely share their new experience with you soon.

    • Shanta, Thank you so much for your kind words. The offer to link my page to your media is very nice. thanks so much!

  5. Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome article with us. It takes a great guitar to meet the demands of such a great player with so much recognition. Designed in conjunction with guitar great Tommy Emmanuel, the Maton TE series guitars are an outstanding tribute to Tommy’s musicianship and Maton’s superior craftsmanship. As we all know this guitar is very expensive, I got mine for around $3,150 and I have never had a course to regret buying it.

    • Nice Feji! I am so glad you have one of these, they are nice guitars!

      Thanks for your comment and feedback, have fun playing!

  6. Thank you so much for giving such a beautiful article.I got a lot of new information from the article.Guitars One of my favorite things. I’ve been thinking about for a long time is learning to play guitar.After reading this article, the desire to learn to play guitar has grown.Tommy Emmanuel’s guitar playing is so cool I want to be a guitarist like him.He could be the idol of my guitar world.His desire to buy a guitar grew so he saw how to play such a beautiful guitar.


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