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Hello everyone, my name is Jason and I have been interested in music and guitars ever since I was a kid. I lived in Canada through my youth and used to follow my mother to festivals where she would display her pottery.

At these festivals there was always live music and I gravitated to the stage every time. By the time I was 11, I had bought my first Acoustic guitar by working haying jobs in the summer.

After that I was hooked! My interest in all things Acoustic guitar related grew and so I decided to research and develop a website that would connect others who love Acoustic guitars to Lessons, deals on strings, and of course a few of my favorite Instruments as well.

<<–  This is My Marquis Harmony, not sure of the year but I had the inlay redone as well as a

Brass Nut and Brass Bridge….

and this old Girl has internal acoustic pickups now too!!


I used to struggle hunting around for stores that had what I needed as the Internet back then was still young and not very well developed. Even the Local township only had one store with not many options and the prices were ridiculous.

So, I wanted to bring people to a place that provided quality, low priced items such as strings, straps, lessons, and guitars, all in one place so that you wouldn’t need to go hunting around like I did.


The goal of this site is to help shed light on areas that might help beginner to immediate guitar players find lessons, TABS, Equipment and accessories and do that with just a inkling more knowledge than they had 6 minutes ago! This site is new and will be evolving and adding content so keep an eye out and feel free to engage with me by adding comments. Good and bad comments are welcome as I too like to grow!


Jason Rounds

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