Acoustic Guitar Lessons – Beginner and Intermediate

Hello Everyone! Today I am writing this Article to help you understand how to pick and choose from the thousands of Guitar lessons out there and find one that will work with your current skill level and ability.


How to choose an Acoustic Guitar lesson for you?

Everyone learns differently. Some like to read, some like to see a demonstration and some just like to hear what it is they are going to learn.

Choosing the method for you does not have to limited to just one of these categories. You should find lessons that work for your particular style of learning. For Example, I am visual but also like to see an image or a written format I can follow along with. I would then choose video lessons that are accompanied by either a PDF download, or a printable page with step by step instructions on it.

You can choose lessons that will work for you just keep in mind how you learn the best, are you Visual, Auditory, or do you need to See it? Make a check list and be sure the lesson you choose ticks off the boxes. For example:

    1. Does the lesson have videos?
    2. Does the lesson provide chords and scales?
    3. Does the lesson have a review or summary outlined?
    4. Does the lesson take you through a step by step approach?

You can make this list as detailed or as simple as you want, just ask yourself what you want from the lesson and make your list as appropriate as you can.

What to look for in the lessons!

The lessons to look for should have content that you are interested in learning so you do not lose interest. For example, I might choose a beginner lesson that teaches chords but also shows how chords relate to scales and then provides examples in video or audio format that I can follow along with. On the contrary, I might get bored or lost with complicated charts or diagrams that have too much detail or confusing content. I would look for something simple, concise and in the format in which I love to learn.

Things to look for might be:                                                     
        • What types of songs are being covered?
        • Are there images that keep you engaged?
        • Is the lesson being taught on the same instrument you use or not?
        • Are there are videos? Are they long or short, long ones might lose you after a while?

The list here could be expanded to anything you want, just make sure the content is what you are after.

Tools and tips for Acoustic Guitar lessons

Sometimes learning can be easier if there is a tool that helps demonstrate the skill or lesson being given. For example maybe there is a scale generator software or a book that has all the chords you want to learn. Or maybe there is a PDF download that has step by step instructions on how to make scales in a graphical way that you can easily practice with. Don’t be afraid to combine different lessons to get ALL that you want.If the beginner lessons you find are boring then you could try mixing in a few intermediate guitar lessons to see if there is something that peaks your interest.

Special Note: The link above goes to a book written by one of my favorite YouTube teachers. He has a TON of great YouTube videos and I highly suggest you check him out. Here is a link to one of his Videos, and yup no charge just get busy learning!

See Justins Videos Here.

TIP#1: Keep a record of your progress! You can audio record or video record yourself and review them over time to see how you have changed and grown.
TIP#2: You can friends watch and listen and provide feedback, honest feedback. Take the bad too as it helps tyou to GROW!

Choosing lessons that will improve your skill not hold you back!

If you are choosing lessons that are too advanced or even too easy you can get frusterated or bored and have a hard time completing tasks given. Try to pick lessons that will teach to the level you are at now as you can always ramp it up later with more advanced lessons.

It is best to start with with lessons that will give you a good solid foundation and do not get to complicated or convoluded to early on. Picture a house built on a lousy foundation, now, do you want your skills to look like this house?

Settling on a lesson and doing it!

Once you have chosen a lesson or lessons, set aside the time to DO IT! You can buy hundreds of lessons and watch millions of videos of others doing it but if you do not take the time to practice and put into action the lessons you are learning then you wil never grow.

Be patient, take things one step at a time and you will see progress! Get the lessons that work for you, settle in and DO IT! You can use a whiteboard or calendar and track the time you put in each day….watch how FAST you grow and become proficient.

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21 thoughts on “Acoustic Guitar Lessons – Beginner and Intermediate”

  1. Thanks for letting me learn about guitars. I will recommend you use photos for the acoustic tips of guitar. You have a good voice and your article is interesting. Keep writing from and working from heart.

  2. I used to learn guitar before. I learnt it from books and a guitar teacher. I agree with you that don’t choose a lesson which is too easy / too advanced. Choose the one which suits your level. I think the types of songs motivate us to learn. If the song is our favourite one, we will be more motivated to learn it. And practice is very important as well. Thanks for the tips here.

  3. Hi Jason, I am so much in love with your informative article and I think it will really guide me to proceed with my guitar classes.
    I had always been a lover of string musical instruments especially guitar, when I was still a teenager back then in the choir, my choirmaster then always encourage each chorister to learn how to play one or more musical instruments, then my love for guitar and violin knew no bound but at the end of the day, I was not able to proceed with the learning.
    I am a kind of person that easily mater something I see with my eyes, so I think the video lesson will be so effective for me.

  4. Awesome website. I enjoyed reading the blog. I found it very interesting. I’ve tried to learn to play the guitar off and on for years. Your post was very insightful and very helpful. I look forward to reading more blogs and following the site. Thank you for sharing.  

  5. Hi Jason, informative article. As a child I was put off playing the guitar because there were only ever right-handed guitars – and I’m left-handed! I used to dread music class at school.  In recent years I have toyed with the idea of giving the guitar another go. The internet has made it possible to short-circuit the process and not have to pay for expensive music lessons, sheet music or unnecessary learning aids.

    What would recommend in the way of starting tips for this aging, left-handed rocker?

    • Hey Randall,
      thanks for your comment. To answer your question there are a few articles I have posted about left handed stuff here and within the articles there are some links to lessons and such. However, I am a youtube nut myself and love the videos online there. i have a channel there but even as A Lefty I actually forced myself to learn and play right handed, so you could say I am a bit ambidextrous! Have fun learning and keep checking back as I will be adding more content and links to lessons in the future and I will be sure to add some more links to lessons online for lefties! Cheers!

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing with us this amazing tips and useful information’s about Acoustic Guitar lesson. For a long time I was thinking about starting some acoustic guitar courses. I searched on the internet for more methods, but I have never been able to decide what to choose.
    As you said, I am one of those who visually learn. I like to learn by watching videos or by looking at certain images or by reading. I really enjoyed reading your article and I really appreciate the people who offer such complex explanations and help beginners. I can’t wait to see your next articles and read them. Good luck ! 

    • thanks for your comment, sounds like you are like me, I spend alot of time on youtube reviewing lessons and equipment. it is fun but addicting!

    • thank you so much for the kind words. Since you seem like you are knowledgeable I bet you have an Instrument? If that is true what is it?

  7. Hello Jason, thank you for sharing this beginner and intermediate guide on how to choose guitar lessons that would enhance productivity, fast learning and even enjoyment. I learnt drums first but I have a passion for acoustic guitar. But I haven’t taken any step forward though. I am planning on getting an acoustic guitar first before I consider getting a course although I have searched for some courses and I have seen some that are nice. I bought a piano course some months ago and I love how the course is structured. It has the videos and audios embedded on the pages of the PDF file and I can play them directly on the pages. It works with my android and any other device. So I’d be very happy to get an acoustic guitar course that is similarly done like this. Learning with the aid of video is something I love.


  8. Many thanks to you for giving us an article that is so beautiful and I learned about the many beautiful techniques of playing Acoustic guitar through you. I’ve loved playing  Acoustic guitar since I was a kid and I’m a  Acoustic guitarist. It took me at least 5 years to learn to play the Acoustic guitar and when I first went to learn the Acoustic guitar I didn’t know how to learn to play the Acoustic guitar and no one gave me a specific guideline. You have explained very well in your article how to play the  Acoustic guitar so I think that after reading your article, anyone can easily understand how to play the Acoustic  guitar and this article will give as a proper guideline for everyone. I read your article very carefully and after reading your article I see that you mentioned a PDF file and I downloaded it and I think if anyone followed this PDF file then there would be no problem learning his Acoustic guitar.

    I hope that after reading this article, people’s interest in Acoustic guitar learning will grow and they will get a proper guideline and I hope that they will share their experience with you soon.


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