Looking to Grow your Guitar Business Online?

For the past two months I have been researching how to build my own online business.  In my searching I have found that there are very few complete, honest, training programs, that provide an in depth training, with tools, community, and support. Most of the ones I found are really expensive and once in them there is little to no support. I have discovered one Company, whom is not all about Hype or pushy sales tactics, or cheesy overtures, but offers a substantial and well balanced program! This program is real, it is defined and it has integrity!

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Well? What is the Program you say?

It is the Wealthy Affiliates Program!   

Kyle and Carson created the wealthy affiliate program to help people properly enter into the affiliate marketing world without being shot down on Google or FaceBook as spammers, Hype-Meisters, or just plain awful, pushy, sales people.
The design of their training program is flawless in its inception and has helped countless hundreds, and even thousands of Affiliate Entrepreneurs reach their goals of success online in the Affiliate Marketing World.

How Can Weathy Affiliate help me to grow My Guitar Business?

As I had mentioned earlier, I have been trying to find training and help building my own business online when I came across the Wealthy Affiliates Program.
Probably like you, I had done a thousand things online, like setting up a web site, which is failing miserably, jumping from one program to the next, seeking that one GOLDEN TICKET to success! All the get rich quick things you can find on Youtube and Facebook just were not helping me to build a real business.
Speaking of Youtube, you can find many Reviews on this Program on Youtube, most of which are Positive and very detailed. There always some Naysayers but in My opinion they did not look very closely nor take the time to actually enter the free training to check it out.

What I found astounding is Wealthy Affiliates now has over 1.9 Million Members and growing with hundreds of thousands of Success stories.

How Does Wealthy Affiliates Work?

Wealthy Affiliates is a training platform and Community of Entrepreneurs that offers a Free sign up membership with an option to upgrade to a premium membership.
There is an offer to get the premium for only $19/month if you want to check that out to see what is inside the program and what is offered there. Kyle, one of the founders, has a great walk through video that explains The Free sign up process as well as the premium discount and you can find this walk through here.

So in summary, how this Program works follows:

  • Free to sign up! (No pushy sales stuff!) and you don’t have to upgrade or buy anything to get started!
  • Includes an option to get Premium later and offers a discount for that, explained in the walk through video.
  • A Complete training on how to set up your business from A-Z with step by step videos.
  • Includes Hosting for your web site and Domain, you can link even existing domains as well as buy new ones.
  • Includes Web page tools for content Development and Design, the training covers all of this!
  • Includes special tools to help optimize your pages and content with training and support.
  • Includes access to Plugins that help with page content linking to Media sources
  • Includes a Community of Successful Entrepreneurs all eager to help YOU succeed.
  • There is alot more, like the message system, perks for progress points, Conferencesincentives, and so much more.

How long does this take?                                         

Well guys this is not a get rich quick scheme! This is a real, legitimate way to build a business online. So if you are looking for fast cash, and are lazy, and don’t want to work to build a business, then this is not for you.  However, if you have some work ethic and are willing to put a few hours in each day to build a businees that will last, and provide you with a substantial income that is passive, and can grow over time, then this might be what you are looking for. 

Why would I choose this Program over something else to help build my Online Guitar business or any other business for that matter?

I would highly recommend the training here, first off it is free to sign up and check it out.

I started in this program using the free account and after two weeks very quickly learned how fantastic the community is with all the support and connection, so I grabbed the discount for the premium and have not regretted it one bit.

Some key points this Program offers for building your online business are:

  1. The training platform is second to none and even if you only did that and nothing else you would learn enough to increase your own business awareness on Social Media like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and FaceBook.
  2. To buy all the tools within the program like Email responders, Web Hosting, Web design, Plugins, etc., would cost a fortune elswhere but Kyle and Carson have included all of these already for you.
  3. The Support system is unparallelled within the program and you can always Reach out to Kyle and any number of the higher level members for help and support.

You want a REAL online business right?

If your answer to this question is yes then you should take the time to check out Wealthy Affiliates as the growth potential is limitless.
For example, you can create pages on your website with Blogs containing hundreds if not thousands of Affiliate links. You need to do this all tastefully and professionally and Kyle and Carson have painstakingly worked out how to do this and include it all in the training for you.
Just think, you could connect to these Affiliates below to make money by including articles related to your niche that have their links in them for guitars, picks, strings, pickups, amps, straps, strings, need I go on?

So, for example:

  • Clickbanks
  • Shopify
  • Amazon
  • Commission Junction
  • Guitar Center
  • Reverb
And that is just to name a few, each with thousands of products you can link to and get commissions from. You could literally sign up for a thousand Affiliates to link to in addition to those above, tastefully, to good ones too I would hope!
But that is not the best part! You can even get paid by simply refering back to the Wealthy Affiliates program yourself. So not only do you make money with your new online Guitar business, by selling for affiliates stores with products you like, but you can also earn commissions just for being a member of a group that is 1.9 million and growing. Think of the potential here!
I could go on and on and on, but I myself hate pushy sales people, I just want you to check out this training and see for yourself how it could help you grow your own online guitar business! Please also check this site for online guitar lessons and links by using the search on the top of home page or by checking the articles. I found the best place to find online lessons is on YouTube.

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8 thoughts on “Looking to Grow your Guitar Business Online?”

  1. Hello. Thanks a lot for sharing with us this article and all the explanation given. 

    For me guitar is a hobby and I really enjoy playing with my friends when we go camping. I do not have a business related to this but I can say that I am a premium member on Wealthy Affiliate and this was my best decision. Last year I signed up here and since then I have been able to create my own website and business. I got ranked on Google and now I promote many products and earn money from commissions. The biggest advantage is that we have a lot of training and the people at Wealthy Affiliate respond to any problem and always help you. I highly recommend this platform for people who want to have their own business and earn some passive income.
    Wish you good luck!

    • Nimrodngy,

      Thanks for the input! I am excited to be here and would be thrilled to see your site and see how you are doing so well as I am not yet Making any money and am open to tips and tricks on how I can get this going as soon as possible. I have only been here for a short time so I am not in a rush but I love to learn and get as much information as I can so that I can be successful here!  Thanks, can you please reply with a link to your site?  thanks

  2. Hi, this is a fun and informative article about affiliate marketing. I’m so glad you bought up the part about pushy sales people as I really get tired of people trying to sell me stuff. You made some great points about the free plugins and such. But how long is the free trial for?

    I’ve still a lot to learn about any sort of marketing online and appreciated your references to the guys who built this learning platform Kyle and Carson.

    Looks great


    • hi Lily, thanks for your imput.

      To be honest I am not sure how long the free trial is for! I just jumped right in and grabbed the Premium but that is something I should know…I bet you do know since you are now a veteran?

  3. Many thanks to you for giving us such a wonderful article .Your article is really great and after reading your article I agree with you because Wealthy Affiliate is a website that has brought me a lot of traffic to boost my guitar business. I have been doing guitar business for the past one year through Wealthy Affiliate Marketplace .And I’m a successful Wealthy Affiliate Marketer .And I think if anyone wants to grow his or her own business then the Wealthy Affiliate is a great way because there are lots of tutorial videos for learning wealthy affiliate. Also wealthy affiliate has provided some tools to make money through which I have been able to take my website to a better level. Currently my guitar business is in a good position and I hope to be able to take on better position in the future through this Wealthy Affiliate website. 

    Finally, after reading your article, I hope everyone will take a Premium membership to this Wealthy Affiliate Marketplace to bring in traffic to take their business to a better position and share their new experience very soon.

    • Thank you for the kind response! I would love to see your sites so please reply with a link to your site so I may go and learn what you are doing. I am new and need to learn alot!

  4. Hello Jason, thank you for sharing this platform on which we can learn how to build a business online. Of course I have heard so much good about Wealthy Affiliate and a very few garbage about them too but the good has indeed conquered the garbage.

    Of course, building a business offline takes dedication and time so doing online should also require dedication and time too. If we take our time and build it very well, we will enjoy it in the future; a solid business built in trust and offers real value.

    I love the fact that there is a free membership with which we can have a small taste of the waters so we’ll know if it’s actually what we will like. No harm in giving Wealthy Affiliate a try; afterall it’s free to get started and build this guitar business online where there is a huge potential of earning good amount of money on the long run which they call passive income.

    • Thank you so much! I am really enjoying it here at WA! It is full of wonderful people such as you!


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