SNARK SN-1 Guitar Tuner – A Brief Review

A few years ago I was searching online for a new guitar tuner and came across this little tuner called the SNARK SN-1 Clip on Guitar Tuner. This little tuner is absolutely fantastic! I bought one for under $15 dollars and have had it now for a few years running on the same battery. The device is precise and seems to pick up the vibrations from the headstock as much as it grabs the sound from the air. Even in a noisy room I can still tune without any problems. Here is a list of features, it is so well designed and simple to use that I cannot say much but rave about how awesome it really is:


  • Price on Amazon is only $15.66
  • Sturdy Clip on that allows 360 degrees rotation for easy viewing
  • It is tailored for guitar and bass Frequencies.
  • Standard Pitch Calibration  From 415 to 466 Hz
  • It also has a Tap Tempo Metronome! It shows on the screen as a blinking heart~!
  • The High sensitivity vibration sensor picks up vibrations in the head stock as well as via airwaves.
  • Battery is a CR2032, and man they last a while! There is also a large pack of these on Amazon as well.

Even though I have not said much about this tuner I have seen really great reviews on it. One Reviews and a good one in particular is from A YouTuber Reviewer  called Ulrich Peise,  basically he says it all.

Enjoy this Amazing Clip on Guitar Tuner and how great your guitar will sound now!

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10 thoughts on “SNARK SN-1 Guitar Tuner – A Brief Review”

  1. Thanks for this recommendation.  Snark SN-1 Guitar Tuner sounds a good one.  I like its design, especially the tap tempo Metronome.  In the past, I had a tuner, but it doesnt contain the tap tempo metronome.  This one is so convenient.  I can use them at the same time.   It shows on the screen and I can listen to it even in the noisy room! That’s a cool feature a tuner should have! 

    • Thank  you for the feedback Fiona. Much Appreciated! The Thing I still find amazing on this little tuner is how long the battery has lasted!

  2. Hey Jason I can absolutely back you up on this. I found this wee beauty a couple of years ago.  Although I don’t play guitar myself I have 3 children who do.

    It is awesome value and they all received one each as stocking fillers for Christmas. That are all still using them and they love them.  Great review and I really do endorse your recommendation.

    Hamish 🧐

    • Thanks Hamish! I wonder if their batteries are lasting as long as mine has? Mine is going on almost two years now.

      thanks for your support and feedback!

  3. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. i actually followed the link to the youtube reviewer and i was impressed. the great thing about this stuff is that it is really affordable. thank you for this post. i should get one of the snarksn-1 tuner

  4. Thanks jason for these reviews about SNARK SN-1 Guitar Tuner these is great quality product with some much Features i will relate the review to friends who plays base i don’t know how to play guitar  So We can get snark sn from jason’s hub guitar  right..? Good  instrument produce great sound 

    • Hi Smoochi, yes you can access the link to the tuner via the Amazon link in the features area of the article.

      thanks for your feedback!

  5. Thank you so much for providing such a beautiful information…Guitars are one of my favorite things…I love playing the guitar.I’ve been looking for a good quality guitar for a long time.Saw a lot of guitars from YouTube.I got a lot of information from there.I learned a lot from your article.The guitar you provide is very good quality.Your review is very well presented.So thank you again.

    • Sharif, Thank you for your comment. Have you picked up one of these tuners since you like guitar? In the article about the tuner there is a link at the top that will take you to amazon if you have not yet picked up one of these tuners.  thanks


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